Our Story

We’re the Ertel family and owners of Hero Greens Nursery & Landscaping! Brittany, Stephen, Carson and Gavin and we have big dreams about our little slice of earth. We have way too many—but somehow not quite enough—houseplants, and a passion for watching things grow and mature.

Stephen loves designing, building, and most things technical. He has a background in hydroponic agriculture and advanced irrigation systems, including a large renovation of the rooftop greenhouse at Gonzaga’s Hemmingson Center. He loves the science-y side of plants and has extensive knowledge of growing in all soil or soilless conditions. An army veteran, he has a passion for helping other vets find peace and direction in life. Hopefully we’ll have other vets on the nursery in the near future!

Brittany may or may not be responsible for all of the houseplants! She is a support system extraordinaire, super wife and mom, and the chief organizing officer of the nursery. She is our pest control expert and is the only one not terrified of wasps! She loves to propagate plants (divide, clone, take cuttings, etc.) and keeps our inventory expanding. One day she hopes to have houseplants available for purchase in our greenhouse.

Carson and Gavin (plus nursery dogs Toby and Grace!) are the energy and fun of Hero Greens! What they lack in size and experience they more than make up for in keeping mom and dad awake, exhausted, and sometimes on the ragged edge of sanity! They love to learn and help, and can name many of our plants in latin.

And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.
Genesis 1:31 (ESV)